male sex doll torso

What are some things you didn't know until after you owned a male torso sex doll? There are many sex toys on the market now, such as dildo toys, full-size dolls, and female torso dolls. What is the difference between male torso dolls and them?
male sex doll torso

I recently tried using a male torso doll for the first time and discovered many advantages of a male torso doll only during sex with him.If you are also interested, I will share with you in this article in detail the differences between male torso dolls and other toys, the advantages of male sex doll torsos, and recommend four different types of male torso dolls to you.

What are the advantages of male torso sex doll?

  • A truly realistic penis
  • Strong muscles make you feel protected
  • More sex positions for you to feel the orgasm


What is male sex doll torso?

What sex toys do you usually choose when you feel lonely and desperately need to release pressure when the night comes? A small, cute electric sex toy? You need a more realistic and fun toy to help you realize those sexy fantasies. That is – a male torso sex doll!

Among the torso dolls, specifically designed for women are the male torso dolls. The same as the female torso dolls, they include the chest, shoulders, abdomen, and anus. So what is the difference between male torso dolls and female torso dolls?

 Male torso dolls have larger bodies and more pronounced muscle lines and can protect women in all aspects. The most exciting thing for women is that the male torso doll has a penis used to meet women’s desires.

In addition to having the dick to satisfy your desires, his body is available for you to hug and kiss. A male torso sex doll makes you feel the full range of real sex and is your new friend in the night.


Why choose male sex doll torso?

Why choose male sex doll torsos? Because they are more realistic and convenient. More importantly, they give you a more realistic sex experience. Although those handheld dildos are fun to use, your wrists and arms may feel sore. A male torso sex doll can free your hands to do something more exciting.

couple having sex

Compared to another dildo, a torso sex doll can bring you more happiness, touching, kissing, hugging, and a real and huge dick. Torso dolls are smaller and lighter than full-size dolls. In addition to being easy to carry, storage is much more convenient than full-size dolls.

Dim the lights in the room, and he will look like a real man planning to make love to you. Ride him in your favorite position, or secure him so that he enters you from behind; it’s up to you. You can even role-swap with him; he won't deny you anything as long as you get pleasure.


The advantages of Male torso sex doll

A truly realistic penis!

male sex doll torso

If you are a dildo lover, you will not refuse a male torso sex doll. A male torso sex doll will make your masturbation more attractive, in addition to his penis being more realistic than a dildo. This is not only thanks to the TPE material used to make the torso doll so that he has a texture close to that of a real person so that his penis is almost the same as a real person, both in touch and feel.

A male sex toy makes the penis more lifelike; using the torso doll can make you reach an orgasm and G-spot like never before. The doll's penis can also do a 360-degree rotation, and even a large-scale bend can easily do. 24 hours of firmness, so you can make love to him whenever the desire arises.


His muscles can fully protect you!

male sex doll torso

Firm muscles and a hot body are the secret gifts that will fill you with sexual desire. A male sex doll torso's eight-pack abs are one of the reasons why many girls fall in love with him. When riding on him to release your desire, your hands can be unrestricted to caress his strong muscles. No longer need to be restricted like with a dildo. And having such strong muscles around you will give you a feeling of being protected.

More sex positions to get you reach the G-spot and enjoy orgasms!

sex position picture

Both dildo toys and full-size dolls on the market have many limitations in terms of available sex positions. Because Dildo toys have suction cup restrictions that require you to use your hands to hold, you can only try a maximum of 2 positions. The full-size dolls are large in size, and the dolls are too heavy. It takes a lot of effort for women to carry them, and posing them in their preferred position is even more difficult.

But the male sex toy is perfect for exploring various sexual positions in size and weight. This advantage is even more evident in the male torso doll; for example, you can ride on his body or choose a doggy style. The male torso doll has a stainless-steel skeleton inside the penis, so it can be bent and rotated 360 degrees on a large scale, all without slipping out of your pussy.

You can also choose to have him enter you from the side, but this takes a long time to practice. More sex positions can be unlocked with the male torso doll, and you will undoubtedly find surprises during your sex with him.


Recommend 4 male torso sex doll

Torso dolls have many different categories like female torso dolls have BBW torso dolls, and big ass torso dolls. Male torso dolls have muscle dudes and big dick types. If you haven't thought about it, you may want to look at my recommendations.


The most realistic muscle man!

male sex doll torso

With his wheat skin and attractive eight-pack abs, he looks like the sunny guy often seen on the beach. Getting such a handsome guy is a challenging but fun thing to do. His body is made of high-quality TPE material, making his muscles quite realistic in detail, and it is difficult to see the difference even at close range.

He's for the girl who likes muscle and likes to ride him. 6.7 inches of the penis can enter you fully while you ride him. And his strong, powerful muscles will allow you to stroke as much as you want during sex, and you will be completely immersed in the sexual experience.


Realistic and huge penis doll, get the G spot is so easy!!

male sex doll torso

This is a stunning work, with a well-defined upper body, realistic and elastic skin, and a fair complexion to give a realistic feeling. If you dress him, you will think this is a very innocent cute boy, but he has an 8.1-inch penis that can rotate freely in 360. Once you have chosen him, it will no longer matter what sexual position you desire.

Because no matter what position, he can enter the deepest part of your pussy and give you an exciting feeling you will never forget.

The most suitable for threesome sex mini torso!

male sex doll torso

This is an excellent torso doll for threesome play; he is small and handy. You can bring him into your game when you are in bed with your husband and let him continue to help you finish your orgasm when your husband goes into a break.

 I believe your husband will not refuse to join the doll because he can see the expression of your excitement. At the same time, this doll is also suitable for lonely women living alone, 7.9 inches penis can fully meet your needs, and his tiny body is very easy to store, with 5kg of weight to facilitate you to carry him anywhere; you can even take him a piece out, in a quiet place to start your passion.


A new enjoyable sexual experience!

shemale sex doll torso

Had try enough of popular sex toys and want to experience something new? Then don't miss this mannequin torso doll. He has more to offer than just a 6.9-inch penis; he also has a pair of soft sexy breasts. If you're not interested in muscles anymore, then breasts will be a whole new experience. With a penis paired with breasts, you will have an unprecedented orgasm in such a pair.

Male torso sex doll use precautions!

Male torso sex doll is into the body-type toys, so doll cleaning is essential; you need to pay attention the first time you receive the package, and after each use carefully clean your dolls. Although male torso dolls may be larger, but they are cleaned in the same way as other dolls.

High-quality TPE material allows you to wipe him directly with water, you can also use antibacterial soap to clean thoroughly once. TPE is porous material, moisture is easy to enter the hole, drying is very important, be sure to take natural drying, do not let your dolls into the dryer.

The skin of the doll is very soft, be sure to avoid sharp objects scratch your doll, he will not repair himself as you, the cost of repairing the doll is a lot of money.

Link dolls is worth making you trust

linkdolls sex doll

Link dolls will protect the rights of each consumer, we know exactly what we sell each doll, because we personally touched the production of dolls and supervise every step of production. We guarantee that if the doll has any problems within 30 days, you can contact us to return it.

Customer privacy is our top priority, and any item you purchase from Linkdoll will be packaged and shipped in an unmarked brown delivery box. Your privacy will be protected in the safest way possible.

Link doll's customer service is real and effective; you can contact us 24 hours a day, we will patiently answer every question you have, and we will take all your comments; you can also check any information about us on the website, we have the authorization of famous doll manufacturers and the license of doll business. If you have any questions, we welcome your questions.


In so many kinds of sex toys, a male sex doll torso is not the best, but no matter from which angle you compare, a male sex doll torso can bring you the best experience.

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